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Bintang Berlian
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A Masterpiece
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Bintang Berlian


Enjoy the perfect blend of nature and tranquility in the private section of the resort. Or indulge in limitless possibility of entertainment at the same time, Your choice! Be the selected few to own your private resort and enjoy all these exclusive facilities!


The Floating Waterpark

Every child's greatest fantasy... Intoducting The First Floating Waterpark in Indonesia... Forget the gym, with this floating waterpark, you can exercise and have a crazy wild fun at the same time. Imagine a waterpark designed for your whole family, where you can jump and swim directly to the crystal clear waters of Belitung Island. Feel like Tarzan and swing from one platform to the other... Jump on the trampoline, climb the gigantic ice tower, or challenge your friends on the tracks.. Get dizzy and splash on the water with the spinner, hold on tight on the rocker and so much crazy fun time on the seas. But whatever it is, words alone can never describe the experience of riding on them directly. You really gotta try it yourself. Promise, you have never seen this before!

The Pirates of Belitung

Don't just watch the pirates on the movies. Meet them directly and experience the true pirate adventure in Belitung Highland Resort. You can go treasure hunting on the small islands of Belitung, dine on the Gigantic Pirate ship while embracing the calmness of seas, or go deep in the lairs of the pirates in the tree house. And at night, be prepared for more entertainment by the pirates, enjoy live music, bands, firedance, acrobatic shows, or feast on the pirate's barbeque party. And don't you worry, these pirates have been trained not to rob you, but to entertain you!

Beach Club

Enjoy the sparkle of the nights in our beach club, with a magical location fronting the most beautiful beach of Belitung Island, exotic design, white sands, great beats and a friendly community spirited atmosphere. Dedicated to connecting adventurous, fun-loving, environmentally conscious travelers who share a passion for beach culture. Everyone gets to join in the action in Belitung Highland Resort.

Wedding Chapel

A moment that will last forever, wedding is a sacred path to eternal love. There is no better way to exchange vows and cherish the unforgettable wedding moment in Belitung than in our wedding chapel, a true symbol of spiritual history that will make your love stories embraced through time.

The natural lights coming through the transparent glasses, bonding that eternal vow in front of your honored guests in the tranquil white sand beach of Tanjung Tinggi. Our wedding chapel will cascade your memories into the most romantic wedding of your life.

Sky Spa

Experience the rejuvenating spa treatment on the skies of our resort, directly facing the sea, with each spa cottages ingeniously designed to provide the pampering for your mind, body and spirit.

Hear the sound of waves gently lulling beneath, feel soft sea-breezes drift into your private spa cottages and be invigorated by the scent of refreshing ocean mist whilst indulging in a luxurious treatment provided by our expertly trained therapist. You will not ever want to wake up from your dream!

Sky Gym

Going for a getaway holiday does not mean you have to be unhealthy. If you like to stay fit or work your muscle and looking good at the same time, then you will love our Sky Gym. Perfectly located on the top floor of the resort, you will not ever get bored of cardio as you face the beautiful serene seas. Our Sky Gym provides a wide selection of equipments to cater the healthy holiday lifestyle of Belitung Highland Resort.

Kids Club

Family holidays are always fun, but sometimes spending time apart is fun too, especially for married couples wanting to have a private romantic moment away from the children. With activities for kids, like arts and crafts workshops, sports and games, movie screenings or fun educational activities. Or supervised play areas or gifts for children, now Mum and Dad can start dating again and enjoy the privacy they have been longing for in our resort.

Yacht Charters

Nothing can compliment the stay in our Resortel and suites better than the Yacht Charter service provided in our resort. Enjoy the ocean view and watch the sun set thru the decks of the Yacht. Or invite your friends and families to cruise and head out for the island hopping experience in Belitung Island. Have a private moment on the seas with your loved ones in this unforgetable luxury escapade experience.


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